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Shared cloud hosting is revolutionary concept which allows you to reap the benefits of cloud computing technology and cloud hosting at a price less than that of a regular shared server. You receive all the benefits of hosting in the cloud but in a shared environment. We use KVM Virtualisation and CloudLinux to isolate your account totally seperate from the rest and to ensure added security.

Hosting on the cloud is the future. Better reliability, 100% uptime, security & easy scalability are the first few things on the checklist of any website owner looking for a new hosting company. Cloud computing fulfills these requirements. Keeping that in mind, we pioneered into providing cloud hosting service at a very low cost. Below are our different plans that only differ in the amount of data you carry with your website. Every plan comes with virtually everything unlimited as it is very unlikely that you will use all the resources allocated to your account. In the event that you do, you simply upgrade your hosting account to the next level.

Hosting Plans

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