Today I found Repo Sweeper, this magical online tool that lets you remove all repos with one foul swoop! Over the years one can land up forking a whole lot of Github Repositories for all kind all of reasons and when it comes to removing them, it can be a time consuming task since Github only allows you to remove one repo at a time. Yes, it is easier using the command line but you still have to do them one at a time. If you been looking for an online tool that can help clean out your GitHub repositories then this tool is for you. Its simple and easy to use.

Introducing Repo-Sweeper from Heroku

Repo-Sweeper is simple to use – you simply enter your Git username, click on “generate access token”, you’ll be taken to your Github account to generate an access token.


Select delete repo

You only have to check the checkbox next to “delete_repo” and generate your token. Then copy and paste it. A list of your repos is generated and you can go through them to make sure there’s not perhaps any you want to keep before you delete them. There is also an option to select only forked repositories. And that is pretty much it – All my repos deleted in 2 seconds. I’ve been putting this task off now for a couple of years. This tool has saved me a tremendous amount of time. The ones I did want to keep which only amounted to a couple, I deleted anyway and went back to fork them again. Just make sure you delete the access token again after you done.