Pricing and Payment

The table below features the resources you have available in your PaaS account. 14 Day Trial accounts are available for approved clients at a cost of $5.00 or 14 Days, which ever comes first. Should you wish to continue using our services after the trial period of 14 days has expired, the $5.00 will be added to your account as a bonus. This ensures that only those serious about trying our platform signup.
Follow this link to Apply for a Trial Account

Account ResourcesTrial AccountFull Account
Maximum number of environments that you can create3No Limit
Maximum number of nodes per environment448
Maximum number of nodes per node group (Layer)216
Maximum size of the server in cloudlets16
32GB RAM 102.4 GHz CPU
Maximum available disk space per node100 GB2 TB
Maximum available disk space per storage node100 GB2 TB
External network Bandwidth50 Mbps1000 Mbps
Option to setup High Availability ClusterNot AvailableAvailable
Public IPv4 addressesNot AvailableAvailable
Maximum number of public IPv4 addresses per environmentNot Available99
Maximum number of public IPv4 addresses per nodeNot Available4
Trial Period Duration14 Days N/A
Free WebWolf SSL CertificateNot AvailableAvailable
Use of your own DomainNot AvailableAvailable

If the resources allocated to a Full Account is insufficient for your needs, please contact us to request extended possibilities.

Refilling and Payment Options

Payment for the use of Cloud Hosting Platform is prepaid. You refill your account by purchasing Recharge Vouchers. So whenever your account balance is running low, you simply Top Up! Its like topping up your cell phone with airtime! A minimum purchase of a $5.00 Recharge Voucher is required in order to get going on our Full Account but it is recommended to recharge with at least $25.00. During the Top Up process and the purchase of your first Recharge Voucher, you also have the option to select an Automatic Recharge. You can set the amount, the frequency of the Top Ups and also set the minimum balance before an automatic Top Up is executed. With our unique pricing model you save big by paying only for the resources you use and you are always in control of your payments as payment can be effected at your convenience and when needed. If you prefer not to opt for Automatic Refills, you need not worry, our system also keeps a watchful eye over your resource usage and balance and based on statistics and usage, you will be notified by email when your balance is running low, giving you ample time to refill your account.

You also have the option of purchasing Recharge Vouchers from your Client Zone.

Automatic Refill

Payment Options

PayFast Logo

All Payments are made through the PayFast Payment Gateway. Payfast accepts and supports the following;  Mastercard, Visa Credit Card, Debit Card, and EFT payments are restricted to South Africa only. Payment will be effected in South African Rands. We also accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), your account will be credited with your purchase once the funds reflect in our bank account. International clients who choose PayFast at check out will not have their payments honored. We do not accept Cash payment or Cash Deposits.


PayPal one of the worlds, most trusted payment gateways is also offered as an payment method for our International customers. After payment is made, we receive notification from PayPal, after which funds is credited to your account.

Please Note: PayPal has a list of supported countries. If you country is not on this list, then you will not be able to choose PayPal as a payment method. Follow this link to view the full list of supported countries.

Countries We Accept Payment From

We currently provide service and accept payment from all countries. Our favorable pricing and payment options together with our hosting locations makes our Cloud Hosting Platform a popular choice for all around the globe.