PaaS Pricing FAQ

We have compiled a short list of the questions we are asked most frequently by our clients, our PaaS Pricing FAQ. You can also refer to our Pricing Model and Pricing and Payment options for more information. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please call us at 081 051 7526 or email us.

What will I be charged for?

Resource consumption is billed to you on an hourly basis and you will be charged fees for the total consumption across all nodes the following:

  1. RAM and CPU
  2. Disk Space / Storage
  3. Network Traffic
  4. IP Addresses

More information about what you will be charged for can be found on this page PaaS Billable Resources

How will I know what my resource consumption is?

During the creation of an environment and before you click on “Create“, if you hover your mouse over the “From” price, a pop-up will appear – as can be seen in the image below. You can see the cost of Reserved Cloudlets together with the disk space and IP and you will see the the Dynamic Cloudlets. In the example below your minimum cost will be R69.05 as those are the cloudlets your have reserved. The example shows a scaling limit of 8 cloudlets. If your application uses 100% of the resources your have allocated, then your total cost will be R307.72, if you application doesn’t use 100% of the resources, you can expect your cost to be anywhere between R69.05 and R307.72. So R307.72 is the maximum you will be pay for that environment and only if 100% of the resources are used.

FAQ - Pricing Estimator

After your environment has been created you can also keep track of what your environment is costing you. By viewing the statistics, you can see what your application requires and can fine tune your resource allocation to adjust your applications need and if need be your budget too. The allocations of reserved and dynamic cloudlets and disk space can be changed at any time, with zero downtime. To see what your application is costing you simply click on the “Billing History” link situated at your Account Balance at the top right hand side of your dashboard.

FAQ - Billing History
Pay as you Use Pricing Model

In the image below you can see the Statistics for the Application Server. You will be able to see the statistics for each node in your environment. Notice how the graph goes up and down, the limit that has been set by you is indicated by the thin dashed orange line at the top of the graph. You will only pay for what your application uses not the limit that has been set.  This has been the big downside in the hosting industry. You are charged for the limits and not for what your application uses.

Resource Usage Statistics

How Much do Resources Cost?

You can see what resources cost by invoking the “Quotas and Pricing” menu. Click on the tabs to view the pricing for CPU/RAM, Disk Space, Network Traffic, IP. SSL Certificates are provided free of charge and you are also welcome to purchase your own . Use the drop down link to see the pricing for the various Regions and Locations.

Pricing - RAM CPU

Please Note: Pricing displayed in images should not be regarded as official pricing, this is intended for display and educational purposes only