PaaS Billable Resources

WebWolf PaaS’s resource consumption is billed to you on an hourly basis and you will be charged fees for the consumption of the following:

  1. RAM and CPU
  2. Disk Space / Storage
  3. Network Traffic
  4. IP Addresses
  • Pricing - RAM CPU
  • Pricing - Disk Space
  • Pricing - Traffic
  • Pricing - Options
  • Pricing - Software

RAM / CPU Consumption Charges

A Cloudlet is the unit of measurement for RAM and CPU.  Each cloudlet consists of 128 MiB RAM and 400MHz CPU.

Resources are charged on an hourly basis:

  1. RAM usage: the peak RAM usage over the hour
  2. CPU usage: the average CPU usage over the hour

When calculating your cloudlet usage, we only consider the larger of RAM or CPU usage each hour (not both combined).
Example: if during one hour your average CPU usage is 2400MHz (6 cloudlets), and your peak RAM usage is 1024MiB (8 cloudlets), you pay for 8 cloudlets – not the combined total (14 cloudlets).

There are two types of Cloudlets, Reserved Cloudlets and Dynamic Cloudlets. The pricing for each differs as well as the automatic discounts levels and pricing is also determined by the Region and Location you choose in which to host your environment.

Regions and Locations

We have 3 Regions and 6 Locations namely:

  1. REGION 1: New York – (NY-1 v2), London – (LON-1 v2), Frankfurt, Germany (FR-1 v2)
  2. REGION 2: New York – (NY-2), London – (LON-2)
  3. REGION 3: Singapore – (SG-1 v2)

The Pricing for each Region differs due to the cost of infrastructure and traffic charges imposed.

Disk Space Consumption Charges

Disk Space usage is measured in GB and is charged hourly. Like all resources, you only pay for your actual consumption (you do not need to buy extra space “just in case” you need it). When first creating your environment, you should notice that 1TB of Disk Space is allocated initially, and although you will see a terribly inflated charge, you will need to adjust your disk space accordingly in order for the fees to adjust. Example: When you adjust your disk space from 1TB to 50GB, you will not be paying for the 50GB, you only pay for the actual consumption. So if your combined disk space usage for all Nodes is 10GB of the 50GB, you will only pay for 10GB. The pricing for disk space for all Regions is the same.

If facing a need to store data in a separate storage node, consider using Master or Compound data containers to lower disk space consumption and reduce overall environment cost.

Network Traffic

Traffic usage is measured in GB. Only external traffic (between your environment and the Internet) is charged. Internal traffic (within your environment, or between environments) is free from any charge.

IP Addresses

IP addresses have fixed rate of $2.44 per month for both Region 1 and Region 2. That equates to $0.003337 per hour. In Region 3, the cost of an IP address is $7.31 – $0.010011 per hour. There are many reasons why you may only need an IP address for a short period of time, you are only charged for IP address that is in use, and you charged on an hourly basis. So if you need an IP for a week, you will only be charged for that IP address whilst you using it and only for the week. Trial Accounts have limitations on IP address, with a Full account, you may have up to 4 IP’s per Node and 99 IP’s per environment.

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