High Availability Auto Scaling Elastic VPS

What is an Elastic VPS?

The key feature inherent in an highly available auto scalable Elastic VPS is this thing called ‘elasticity’ or the ability to scale horizontally or vertically, up or down, based on the sudden surge in resource demand as a result of high external website traffic levels. Our Elastic VPS’s can be set to automatically scale resources up or down, once web site traffic levels simmer down, giving IT administrators an unprecedented level of control over how much resources they consume and how much they pay for it.

Another key feature of our Platform as a Service is that our unique pricing model offers businesses a way to control cash flow without ever having to over provision resources. Being a multi-region platform, you are now able to create an highly available Elastic VPS in one or across multiple regions.

Elastic VPS

Our Platform as a Service can provide you with the ability to create a VPS that scales horizontally and vertically and together with our Pay for Usage Pricing Model, ensures that you never over provision and you only pay for the ACTUAL usage of resources.

Pay as you Use Pricing Model

Our Platform currently supports CentOS, Ubuntu and Docker images which can be imported from Docker Hub. With Docker, you have the ability to create an Elastic VPS with any other Linux distro such as Fedora, openSUSE, Debian, Alpine ( 5MB in size!). We currently do not support Windows but have plans to include it later, as of yet, we not able to provide a time frame.

Elastic VPS Key Features

The key features of the Elastic VPS are as follows:

  • Total Isolation: Every VPS is completely independent and is accessible only via dedicated IP
  • Complete Control: Full Root access via Web SSH or Putty
  • Scalability: Setup triggers for automatic horizontal and vertical scaling by setting resource limits and be notified by email
  • Cost Effective: Our Pay for Usage only Pricing model ensures no over provisioning but at the same time ensures that you have the required resources when needed
  • Access to Server Management Tools: Easy to use GUI to edit files, view log files, resource statistics, daily resource costs
  • Managed – Elastic VPS software solution is maintained by highly qualified systems engineers ensuring compatibility with the platform

Automatic Scaling of Resources

Reserved and Dynamic Cloudlets

  • Reserved Cloudlets: All VPS’s need a certain amount of resources just to be loaded and ready to run, you’ll always consume a particular number of cloudlets regardless the load level. Therefore, you can allocate them beforehand with Reserved Cloudlets and benefit by receiving automatic discounts, the more cloudlets your reserve, the more discount you receive.
  • Dynamic Cloudlets: are added & removed automatically according to the amount of resources you set and allocated for your VPS to scale to when they are required in a particular moment in time – i.e. they’re assigned when load goes up, and removed again as soon as it drops down. As a result, you pay based on your actual resource usage. The automatic scaling of cloudlets can easily be adjusted at ANY time before and after you create the VPS and with ZERO downtime.
Elastic VPS - Vertical Scaling

Vertical Scaling – CPU/RAM

Resources are measured in Cloudlets. Each cloudlet consists of 128 MB of RAM and 400 MHz XEON CPU power simultaneously. Smaller increments give you a more accurate measurement of the resources your VPS and applications use. Why pay for an additional 1 or 2 GB RAM or more monthly or upgrade to a bigger server when your application only needs an additional 1 – 2 GB RAM during a heavy traffic spike for optimal performance and only for a short duration. You can scale from 1 to 256 Cloudlets. Learn more about the limitations of a Trial account and Full account.

Elastic VPS - Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal Scaling of Elastic VPS

Horizontal Scaling can be setup before or after the creation of the VPS. With a Full Account, you can scale up to 16 instances. When deciding the scaling limits you can choose between these two scaling methods Stateless and Stateful

  • Stateless scaling is a simultaneous creation of nodes from the base image template
  • Stateful scaling is a sequential creation of new nodes with file system and all custom configurations copied from the initial master container

High Availability Configuration is a primary/secondary failover configuration that provides redundancy, while Clustering provides redundancy and scalability by distributing read and write load across multiple nodes.

Control Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

In addition to being able to automatically allocate resources to your VPS, we also provide you with tools to control how many instances to allocate and when to allocate. Load alerts are setup and you can opt to receive an email when the server loads are reaching those limits and when scaling will take place. You can control CPU, Memory, Network, Disk I/O and Disk IOPS. Changing the settings at any time does not require powering off the VPS, you can adjust settings with ZERO downtime – no rebooting. For each node or instance that is created, you have all the same settings and features such as resource consumption monitoring, cost monitoring, ability to configure files, Web SSH. This gives you enormous amount of control over your environment. You will be able to manage each instance individually and monitor resource consumption for each individual node or instance or you can select to view the overall resource consumption of all nodes.

Elastic VPS - Control Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

Elastic VPS Firewall

Graphical user interface to easily manage your Firewall Inbound and Outbound Rules which will be turned on automatically. We make it incredibly easy for you to open and close ports if and when needed at any time. Note that as soon as you select the VPS option from the Topology wizard, an Public IP will automatically be assigned to the VPS. Public IP’s carry an additional charge so please read more about billable resources.

  • Elastic VPS - Firewall
  • Elastic VPS - Firewall - Inbound
  • Elastic VPS - Firewall - Outbound Rules

Elastic VPS – Resource Usage Statistics

You provided with beautiful graphs to show you statistics for the VPS’s resource consumption. You can view resource consumption for RAM, CPU, Network and Disk Usage. Hover your mouse along the markers and be presented with the resource consumption at that given time. You can also select to see the resource usage by the minute, hour, days, weeks or months. For your convenience, there is a link directly to the Automatic Horizontal Scaling, so if you feel that based on the current resource usage, you need to quickly adjust the settings for automatic scaling you can click the link and adjust horizontal scaling settings. Again it should be noted that you will be able to monitor resource consumption for each individual node or instance or you can select to view the overall resource consumption of all nodes.

Elastic VPS - Resouce Usage Statistics

Elastic VPS Daily Cost Monitoring

Not only can you monitor the resource usage on a daily basis, by viewing the Billing History, you can see what the VPS or any other environment has cost you on a daily basis and you provided the ability to download a CSV file containing the details and costs.

Elastic VPS - Monitor Daily Costs

Now when you combine the monitoring of your resource consumption and daily costs of your VPS together with the fine tuning of the automatic horizontal and vertical scaling, this results in not only in high performance, highly available hosting solution, it also results in a highly cost effective solution. With our pay for resource usage only pricing model, you save money without compromising performance and availability.

Elastic VPS File Management, Mount Points and Exports

Having full root access, from within your Dashboard you have quick and easy access to any directory and file for any node or environment. You can create additional storage container and mount it to your VPS, mount to external server as well as export data. Immediate access to any node or environment via Web SSH, Putty can be used too.

Our Cloud Hosting Platform as a Service provides all the tools and features required to manage and maintain a highly sophisticated and complex Elastic VPS setup in one region or across multiple regions. We simplify the management process, saving you time and money. And, if 16 instances with 256 cloudlets each the equivalent of 32 GB RAM, 102.4 GHz CPU per instance is still not enough for your environment, contact us to arrange an extension on the limits. 16 instances with 256 cloudlets each equal the max for 1 environment. You can create unlimited environments. The sky is the limit as to what you can achieve with our platform.

  • Elastic VPS - File Management
  • Elastic VPS - Mount Points
  • Elastic VPS - Mount Point Master
  • Elastic VPS - Mount External Server
  • Elastic VPS - Export

In addition to all of the above features, you have the ability to group environments, this allows you to create environments for development, testing and production, you can clone environments, you have the ability to add additional users and to allocate access rights, a feature suited for System Administrators and their team of Developers. Migrate from one region to another and the ability to switch domain names from one environment to another.

Video Demonstration

We have put together a video demonstration, sorry no sound – we working on that – but it touches on all the points we have mentioned above. It’s not too detailed. In certain instances, example, the billing history we talk about, has no data so nothing to see, but you should get the gist of every thing and you’ll be able to see generally just how quick you can set up setup a relatively complex environment, an Auto Scaling Elastic VPS in just a few clicks. Try us for 14 Days. You have nothing to lose but gain some experience on what is quickly becoming the most popular cloud hosting platform available today.

Now that you have read and seen how quickly and effortlessly you can set up an High Availability Auto Scaling Elastic VPS in the cloud, now it’s time to try it. We offer a 14 Day Trial so that you can explore all the features we have to offer. If you decide you happy with our platform and would like to Upgrade from a Trial to a Full account. The Upgrade process takes no more than a few minutes and the minimum requirement for an Upgrade is $5.00. Any Elastic VPS that you have created will be saved. Our Pricing and Payments Options are flexible. If you have any questions about our Platform or need some advice, please contact us, we are standing by to assist you.

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