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Remove all GIT Repos with Repo Sweeper

Today I found Repo Sweeper, this magical online tool that lets you remove all repos with one foul swoop! Over the years one can land up forking a whole lot of Github Repositories for all kind all of reasons and when it comes to removing them, it can be a time consuming task since Github only allows you to remove one repo at a time. [...]

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How to Install Docker on Windows 10 Pro

Installing Docker on your computer running Windows 10 Pro is possibly the best way to learn Docker. There are literally thousands of Docker images which include software like WordPress, Joomla, Magento which you can pull and run from Docker Hub and view in your browser. By mastering just few commands anyone is now able to install all the necessary software that is needed to run [...]

How to Install Docker on CentOS 7

Docker is a containerization technology that allows you to quickly build, test and deploy applications as portable, self-sufficient containers that can virtually run everywhere. I recently installed Docker CE on a 64-bit CentOS 7 machine and I thought I’d post an article about the process I followed. I’m going to keep this short and sweet without going into too much detail. You should be able [...]

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Managed WordPress Hosting – Why it’s Worth It

There are loads of reasons why managed WordPress hosting is a really super solution for your business. I'm going to give you the Top 5. Lets get Started! Upgrades, security, migrations, you name it – we’ll handle it. With cheap hosting solutions, you will end up spending hours making sure everything’s running smoothly. That’s time your designer/developer could be using to work on [...]

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Avada WordPress Theme – For Beautiful Web Sites

The Avada WordPress Theme for WordPress has been dubbed the "#1 Best Selling Theme of All Time" at the Themeforest Marketplace. It certainly is! As of todays date, the developers of Avada have sold over 474 000 copies of their theme. We love Avada and we use Avada for all our business web site designs for our clients. It is the most versatile and most [...]

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is when we connect up everyday physical things to the internet. Like what things you may ask, well the answer to that is anything, your shoes, toothbrush or things can give us information that can be used to improve one's life or your business or the environment. Imagine if you shoes could tell you how many kilometers or miles you've walked. [...]

  • Cloud Hosting - Will it work for Me

Cloud Hosting – Will It Work For Me?

Cloud Web Hosting has been the buzz word for quite some time now and if you have been investigating and researching your various web hosting options then your certainly would have come across this term. There are already a number of web hosts that offer cloud hosting solutions and the numbers of cloud hosting providers are growing steadily. With the increased competition in the market, [...]

  • Why You Should Choose WordPress

Why you should use WordPress

WordPress is web software for creating beautiful, effective and search engine friendly websites, blogs and online stores. It is a powerful open source web development tool and publishing platform run on the most universally popular database scripts, PHP and MySQL. It has a powerful but highly intuitive and user friendly Content Management System and over 17 000 free plugins and counting, plus an almost [...]

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