The Avada WordPress Theme for WordPress has been dubbed the “#1 Best Selling Theme of All Time” at the Themeforest Marketplace. It certainly is! As of todays date, the developers of Avada have sold over 474 000 copies of their theme. We love Avada and we use Avada for all our business web site designs for our clients. It is the most versatile and most powerful WordPress theme we have ever had the pleasure of working with. We love Avada so much that we designed our own web site using Avada and we also host Avada like no other. We have a few hosting solutions that will suit your budget. From single WordPress installations on Shared Hosting accounts to hosting WordPress on Cloud VPS servers and for hosting High Available WordPress Clusters with automatic horizontal and vertical scaling, learn more about our Platform as a Service

Avada is an ideal theme for users who have no coding knowledge. It has an extremely user-friendly administration interface that allows you to control every single aspect of the theme. For us as designers and developers, this is an important factor. Using Avada allows us to quickly setup a unique and responsive web site in the least possible time (usually 2 – 3 weeks) and provide our service to you at a more cost effective price than if it took us two to three months. It’s a win-win situation. You benefit from a lower price, you get a awesome looking site with free updates from the developers forever and despite the learning curve in the beginning, you will soon learn how to manage your web site without knowing a single line of code – we offer Avada Hosting too – and we benefit by reducing design time turnaround which enables us to continue with other projects. Almost all WordPress designers and developers use themes for their client’s web sites.

When it comes to the features that Avada has, the theme developers spared no effort, Avada has more features than you probably will ever use. This makes it the one and only theme you will ever need for WordPress. You can redesign your web site and give it a fresh new look every year. Even if you think that you may not use all the features, as time goes by and your web site grows, features are there to use to help you display the content of your web site or products. Full integration with WooCommerce, the world’s most popular online shopping cart plugin. You will have all the elements of web design at your disposal in a neat user-friendly administration interface. All of this and still not needing to know a single line of code.

Avada is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes, it does everything!
Collis Ta’eed – CEO, Envato

The Avada Classic theme was the first theme released. Lets have a look at some of the features. The theme comes complete with all demo content. This makes it easy for you to just replace the text and images, add your logo and change the colors to suit your needs.

Avada Home Pages 30 Styles to choose from, each with their own unique layout.

Avada Home Pages -WordPress

Avada Sliders & Headers You have 5 different sliders to choose from. Revolution Slider, Fusion Slider, Elastic Slider, Layer Slider and Post Sliders. Each of the sliders have several settings and you can create an endless amount of slides and have each one different. Sliders can be used in page content too. Headers can have various layouts, example – menu at the top – slider below and vice versa and in addition to that you can choose from 7 different menu styles as well as simple drop-down menu and mega-menu.

Avada Menus

Avada Pages A large variety of professionally handcrafted pre-made pages to choose from, simply replace the text and images.

Avada Pages

WooCommerce Integration Avada integrates beautifully with WooCommerce, an online shopping cart plugin. This world famous plugin for WordPress was initially founded and developed by Capetonians Adii Pienaar, Magnus Jepson, and Mark Forrester from Norway. In 2015 it was acquired by Automatic. 41% of all online shops worldwide are powered by WooCommerce. If you need an online store to sell your products, have a look at our eCommerce Website Design Packages.

Avada WooCommerce and WordPress

Avada Theme Features The image below highlights Avada’s core features. Everything you need to run a successful web site online.

Avada Features for web sites

Web Design Elements Web Design Elements with Avada are simple and easy to use. By combining a few elements together, you can insert any of these web design elements in to your page with just a few clicks and create a stunning layout. All the heavy lifting has already been done for you.

Avada Elements for web sites

Blog and Portfolio Pages These pages have their settings and can be presented in a number of ways. In grid and column form where you can select from one to six columns, with or without sidebars which can be placed either right or left or two right or two left or simply no sidebars. They also include a Time-line format as well as Masonry layout. Elements for displaying customer reviews are also available. Avada helps to create beautiful web sites with or without animations too.

All these features of Avada can easily be managed via an intuitive administration interface and selecting the settings is as simple as selecting one of the available options presented to you or by inserting your own values. A huge selection of Google fonts are available and font sizes can be left at their default size or you can choose your own size.

Pros and Cons of using Avada
Many users of the Avada WordPress theme choose Avada for it’s powerful features and ease of use, especially those who generally make use of the default pages that comes available with the package. Little do they realise just how powerful Avada really is. Avada is like a Rolls Royce with a V8 engine. You can’t expect to win a Formula 1 race with a light weight vehicle. If you looking for a light weight WordPress theme, Avada is not the theme to use. Under the hood is a massive engine, Avada has a large CSS file and many Javascript files which fuels the many features of Avada. The plethora of settings can be overwhelming for first time users of Avada especially if they wanting to have their web site setup as quickly as possible. It takes a fair amount of time to aquaint yourself with all the settings. It’s not something that is done in a day or even a month. Considering the tens of thousands of people who have purchased Avada, its humanly impossible to create a theme which is strictly ideal for one customer, unless it is created from scratch and even then some, it will cost tens of thousands to have a theme that is remotely anything like Avada – For the developers of Avada it had to a general purpose theme which can satisfy a broad audience and I think the numbers speak for themselves. Avada is suitable for personal blogs, online stores, forums, church web sites, schools, photographers and many more and highly recommended by us for use on any company web site. It’s the most cost effective WordPress theme to use.

We have been working with Avada since it was launched in 2012, we know this theme through and through. We know the server resources this theme needs in order to run well and have created a hosting plan tailoured for Avada. I can honestly say that Avada is the one and only theme to use, the one theme you’ll ever need that does it all and it’s the one and only theme I personally recommend and will work on. And believe me, we tried very many themes, they just dont cut it!

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you must be wondering if there is a demo available. The Avada Classic theme demo is available at the following URL, and is available to purchase for the sum of $60.00 USD which roughly translates into approximately R900.00. All potential clients who choose to use Avada and our services must purchase a licence. Purchasing a licence entitles you to further free updates which often includes new features, they also address any bugs, if any, and you get access to the ever growing portfolio of 1-click-themes. We don’t mind purchasing on your behalf and will provide you with the licence after purchase. We do not charge a markup on the purchase price of Avada.

And finally, without sounding like a Verimark advertisement, I have to say, “But that’s not all” you get with purchasing Avada – you get the original Avada Classic, and included with your purchase of Avada you get ALL 45 of the demos. This makes this theme the perfect theme for Design Agencies designing web sites for clients. You won’t easily find a sweeter deal than this! These demos can easily be installed through the admin interface at the click of a button. After installation, if you decide you don’t want to use it anymore, you simply uninstall it and try another, or you can simply contact us, request a quote from us and we will get you up and running fast.

Avada is simply the best WordPress theme for creating beautiful web sites!

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