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High Availability Cloud Hosting

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High Availability Elastic VPS, Cloud & eCommerce Hosting

Cloud Hosting Platform as a Service

Rapid Scaling, Flexibility & Choice, Ease of Integration, Cost Reduction, Pay for Usage
Low-Cost, Automated Platform

Our Platform as a Service – (PaaS), is complete development to deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver everything from simple cloud-based applications to sophisticated, enterprise grade cloud-enabled applications.

Java PHP, Python, NodeJS, Ruby, Docker, Kubernetes, Go

The WebWolf PaaS is a multi-lingual, pure containerised based platform, with programming language support for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, GO. With further integration with Docker and Kubernetes, both open source container orchestrators, developers are now literally able to “Build, Ship, Run, Any App Anywhere“. From Dev to Ops, any application, any operating system and on any machine, physical, virtual or cloud.

Our easy to use, intelligent and intuitive platform enables rapid deployment of any hosting environment. Getting started is as simple as selecting a location, name and build your environment, set your required CPU/RAM per node, allocate your disk space and deploy your application. You can be up and running in minutes.

Our platform is feature-rich and easy to use. It’s not limited to companies looking to reduce IT and Development costs, with existing legacy applications, or on-premise infrastructure. Our Pay-as-you-Use pricing model makes it perfect for Design Agencies, who are able to create environments that can easily be cloned from staging to testing and finally production with zero downtime. Ideal for Businesses with very large or busy web sites, or online stores yielding high levels of traffic and who want to leverage the power of the cloud with automatic vertical and horizontal scaling of resources whilst only paying for your actual usage of resources. Other use cases include Professional Bloggers and Individual users wanting to get started with highly available WordPress or WordPress Clusters, Magento Clusters or any of the over 100+ 1 click applications available via the Marketplace.

Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS - Environment Creation Interface

The State of the Art intuitive user interface simplifies complex cloud deployments and allows for automatic creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of applications. It will save you time by drastically reducing time spent from development to production, and you save money because you pay only for your actual usage.

Easy Deployment, Easy Management

WebWolf PaaS – Key Features

WebWolf PaaS is the perfect choice for Developers and Businesses to develop, test, and deploy cloud-based and web applications. Developers have immediate access to a variety of databases, web servers, operating systems, storage, editors and other tools, and can create development environments, testing capabilities, and other features to write, build, configure, deploy, and maintain modern applications.

Continuous development ensures that you get the very latest in applications,
tools and features to manage your cloud hosted environment.


How Pricing Works

You only pay for your actual usage

Pay as you Use Pricing Model

Container resources are measured in Cloudlets. Each cloudlet consists of 128 MB of RAM and 400 MHz XEON CPU power simultaneously. Smaller increments allow for a more accurate measurement of the resources your application uses. Why pay for an additional 1 or 2 GB RAM by upgrading to a server with more resources and continue to pay monthly when your application only needs an additional 1 – 2 GB RAM for a few hours, perhaps a few hours daily for a week during a heavy traffic spike. Scale up when you need resources during heavy web traffic and when it’s simmered down, you scale down, and automatically too.

Cloudlets come in two flavors:

  • Reserved Cloudlets: All applications need a certain amount of resources just to be loaded and ready to run, you’ll always consume a particular number of cloudlets regardless the load level. Therefore, you can allocate them beforehand with Reserved Cloudlets and benefit by receiving automatic discounts, the more cloudlets your reserve, the higher the discount level you receive.
  • Dynamic Cloudlets: are added & removed automatically according to the amount of resources you have set and allocated for your application to use when they are required in a particular moment in time – i.e. they’re assigned when load goes up, and removed again as soon as it drops down. As a result, you pay based on your actual resource usage. The automatic scaling of cloudlets can easily be set within your dashboard and you can opt to receive email notifications when your application is reaching the limits.
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Flexible Pricing Options


Pre-configured, out-of-the-box Dev & Admin Tools, Clusters, Microservices, Content Management Systems for all supported programming languages, eCommerce applications and other popular applications can be setup via the Marketplace with just one click.

1 Click Market Place Installations
1-Click Marketplace Applications

WebWolf PaaS helps individuals and organizations improve productivity and efficiency, reduce IT overheads, and gain agility by offloading IT resources and management complexity to the cloud.


High Availability Cloud Hosting for eCommerce Apps

Our cloud platform offers a Secure, High-Performanced Cloud Hosting experience,
focusing on cost reduction and higher workflow efficiency for Online Merchants, Developers and Agencies.

High Availability and Auto Scaling Application Hosting

High Availability Cloud Hosting for Online Merchants

You don’t have to be have a large, busy online store to enjoy the benefits of high performance cloud hosting

We also have a 1 Click Deployment solution for the OpenCart and PrestaShop

High Availability Cloud Hosting for Prestashop
High Availability Cloud Hosting for OpenCart

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